Top 9 Apple Arcade Games to Play in 2023

October 17, 2023

Mobile gaming has become one of the fastest-growing platforms in the gaming industry in the past several years. Today, smartphones and tablets pack enough power to deliver the best gaming experience to gamers worldwide. With such capable hardware, players now seek a better gaming experience. This is where Apple has rightfully stepped in.

Apple users have a popular subscription service called the Apple Arcade. With a monthly subscription as low as $4.99, Apple gives you access to over 200 games. These games are available to play online and offline; you can even sync with your Apple devices. So, whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, we have picked the top 9 best Apple Arcade games you can play this year.

1. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition

NBA 2K23 apple Arcade games Edition

Basketball fans worldwide will be happy that NBA 2K23 is now available on Apple Arcade. The game is all about how you transform your created character from a rookie to an NBA legend. It includes multiple modes, like Quick Match, Online Multiplayer, and MyCareer mode, to boost your created character traits and abilities. 

Match up against the best who have ever played the game, like Michael Jordan, Devin Booker, and Kobe Bryant. Put your skills to the test with the latest title of the NBA 2K franchise.

2. Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2 apple arcade games

From the award-winning racing franchise, Horizon Chase 2 lets you race through the streets of cities like New York and San Francisco. Playing this game with a controller brings a different dimension with its high-speed racing, top-notch graphics, and smooth gameplay. Play with your friends online in its multiplayer mode and race to see who’s the best. 

Set a crew with players worldwide and race against other teams to prove your dominance on the road. Show off your wheels and drive in style while racing against your opponents and cross the finish line. The stunning visuals, endless customizations, groovy soundtrack, and multiple game modes will keep you hooked.

3. Football Manager 2023 Touch

Football Manager 2023 Touch apple arcade games

If you have always wanted to manage your favorite teams and climb to the top to become the best football manager (virtually), this Apple Arcade game is just for you. Your main objective of this game is to sign superstars and explore young hidden talents to take your club to victory. 

If you’re a fan of tactical sports games, this game will catch your interest. You could use tactics provided in the game to showcase your game style on the pitch or pave your way through success with your unique style and gameplay. Football fanatics would have a really good time with this title.

4. Disney Melee Mania

Disney Melee Mania apple arcade games

Have you ever imagined your favorite Disney and Pixar characters put together to brawl in and out? Disney has developed a game called Disney Melee Mania, a 3v3 fun, action-packed game where you can fight alongside other classic Disney characters as your favorite childhood character. It is like a big Disney Party where everyone showcases their skills to prove to be the best. 

You could play this game as a single-player or brawl alongside your friends in the online multiplayer mode. The ultimate goal of this game is to be the last one standing or complete different kinds of fun challenges. This game is perfect for bringing the inner child out of you and reliving those childhood memories.

5. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts apple arcade games

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a type of fun game that you’ll tend to download after subscribing to Apple Arcade. You ride a motorcycle, fly, and even dance your way through several stages, collecting hearts and defeating evil characters. This rhythmic action game offers an exceptional, eye-catching neon visual design that, combined with its soundtrack, takes you on a lively adventure. 

The main objective of this game is to save the universe by defeating the bad guys. It is a fast-paced, easy-to-play game for people who love music and action-packed adventures. So put on your superhero cape and prepare to enter the “Sayonara Wild Hearts” world for an epic ride!

6. What the Golf?

What the Golf apple arcade games

What the Golf? As you can probably guess by its name, it is a golf game with a big twist. Instead of playing golf traditionally, you can golf with multiple unexpected objects like houses, vehicles, or even the golfer himself. Unlike your regular golf, it’s full of surprises. With this game’s exciting level and challenges, it has become one of the most downloaded games on Apple Arcade. 

If you love golf and seek a fresh and amusing experience, “What the Golf?” is the game for you! With its focus on humor and surprises, it’s bound to make you giggle throughout.

7. Grindstone

Grindstone apple arcade games

Grindstone is a colorful, satisfying puzzle game that is one of Apple Arcade’s most downloaded games this year. The core objective of this game is to complete puzzles and rob enemies. There are about 250+ levels in this game, with each bringing a better challenge. 

Attack the enemies based on their colors and with the grindstones you acquired while playing the game. You can even power up and change your attacks and gears to defeat the enemies. It’s endlessly entertaining, with multiple levels and puzzles to solve, and there’s no better place to play it than on your own iOS device.

8. Survival Z

Survival Z apple arcade games

‘Survival Z’ is a game where you have to survive in a city that zombies take over. This game aims to rescue the remaining survivors without serving yourself as prey to the zombies. As the game progresses, you’ll be required to place traps, upgrade your equipment, and more while actively fighting zombies and shooting their brains out.  

You must defend yourself, gather resources, and construct things to stay safe. It’s an exciting game if you like zombie-themed challenges. Prepare to face the undead and see how long you can last in “Survival Z”!

9. Skate City

Skate City apple arcade games

Have you ever dreamt of skateboarding in the most iconic cities? If not for real, then at least in-game with Skate City. With the best skateboarding experience on mobile, It’s similar to an online skateboarding park where you can ride through various cities, perform tricks, and complete tasks. Tune into your skate sessions with a vibrant environment, stunning graphics, and lo-fi beats. 

This game is all about showing off your skateboarding skills and having fun while doing it. Whether you are into skateboarding professionally or just playing it for entertainment, Skate City offers a chance to enjoy the thrill of skateboarding on your screen.

The top 9 games mentioned above are the most downloaded and popular games available on Apple Aracade. These games offer multiple genres and playstyles, from thrilling adventure to classic sports games; Apple Arcade has a list of amazing games to choose from.

On the other hand, these games come ad-free and devoid of in-app purchases to provide immersive gaming experiences. Enjoy endless hours of gaming by playing these games with your friends. So, as you surf through the wide range of games available on the App Store, make sure to check these 9 games out.

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